Born in Australia and raised on the shores of Taranaki, New Zealand.   Extensive overseas travel has enriched and informed the direction of Blongs work. She graduated in 2006 with a major in sculpture and painting from Hungry Creek Art and Craft School in New Zealand. 

Story telling whether fact or fiction feeds into her work.    The work is suggestive of a timeless era, a mottled memory of belonging to a time and place. It speaks of hot heady summers, inclusion yet seclusion. An escape.
It’s about the shadows and the light, the intoxication of the tropical and the undercurrent often found in such places.
 It focuses on a narrative suggesting connection to land, time and place. 

Often looking to folk art and primitive works.
she enjoys creating the essence of a time bygone, perhaps a dreamlike state.

Blong works from Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
She has had solo and numerous group and public shows. 
 Her work is held in international, public and private collections.